This free event celebrating the completion of the Soundlines project was held at Worle Community School in Cafe Willow on Tuesday April 27th, 6.00 - 8.00pm.

Over 50 people from the local community came to the Premiere. The event featured displays of photographs, animation drawings and material from the Soundlines project, information on healthy living and local walking groups, historical maps of Sand Point, the launch of the website Walks Gallery, the Premiere screening of Soundlines documentary film by eShed, and a remapped Mediascape Experience of Sand Point with ipaqs and headphones for use in the school grounds. Soundlines participants acted as guides to visitors. With all these activities, refreshents and a convivial cafe atmosphere, the celebration was a very enjoyable reflection on the journey through Soundlines.

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Watch the full 21minute documentary or the short 5:40 minute highlights below.

Soundlines Documentary by (short version) from soundlines.strata on Vimeo.



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