Information about the Soundlines Project and Partners

The Soundlines project 2009/10.

Soundlines was inspired by the historic landscape of Sand Point - a finger of the Mendips which divides the Severn Estuary from the Bristol Channel, with spectacular out to sea and across to Wales. Sand Point is 2.5 miles from Worle School.

Working with local schools, the project delivered active learning through a mixture of hilltop visits and work with film, animation, music, mediascape.

A parallel strand created a film based mediascape walk inspired bySand Point but designed to be used in any location. This mediascape also features words from the wider community who enjoy walking on Sand Point.

 A 'Soundline' is a unique composition created by walking in the landscape.

Strata artists worked with the students to create 'user generated content' for an audio mediascape. This means the music is created by the walkers prior to the event, with the location of the walk as inspiration. Around 50 pieces of music were created in an improvisation workshop, recorded, and gathered as ambient sound. These 50 tracks were then mapped to specific areas of the hilltop - some reflect the surface of the land, others the hidden stories that inspired the music.
The route of the mediascape walk orders the sequence in which the sounds are heard - and so the resulting composition is arranged by the walkers- interaction with the topography of the location.

Each unique 'soundlines walk' is revealed on a web page which plays the composition as the trace (route) of the associated walk enfolds across a map of the landscape.

Process - how the Soundlines project worked

Young people were led through a dynamic process of engagement with their local landscape, using a combination of research, their own responses and innovative new media.

Older students, who were studying for their Creative and Media Diploma, were encouraged to work together with those from the feeder primary.
Students were taken through a series of workshops with Strata Collective artists and guest facilitators:

Strata also worked with the local community, North Somerset Museum, walkers on Sand Point, and interested groups further afield to extend the reach of the project.

A combination of filmed response to the landscape, its history, myths and imaginings, and animated soundline walks come together to make a second mediascape based on and inspired by Sand Point.

The project celebration, a 'Soundlines premiere' opens the doors to participants, family and friends at Worle School, April 2010. 

Soundlines was developed and delivered by Strata Collective.

Soundlines, as a multi-stranded pilot, has enabled us to get valuable feedback and support for extending the project to other communities, also in developing our umbrella project Sightlines.

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Thankyou to everyone who has been involved and especially to our delivery partners:

Soundlines was funded by Awards For All and the RIFE Investment Fund through the UK Film Council and South West Screen.



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