The Sightlines Project: a brief synopsis

This educational project utilises a creative mix of ancient and modern technology to capture imaginations and re-map a significant journey made between the Mendips and Cranborne Chase in 3,300 b.c.


Our inspiration comes from a Neolithic burial sited within the ritual landscape of Down Farm on the Dorset / Wiltshire border. Excavations in the late 1990s revealed circles of pits, a deep chalk shaft with layers of totemic objects, and a group burial contemporary with the nearby Dorset cursus – a woman of thirty, her daughter of five, and a brother and sister aged eight and nine.
Isotope analysis of trace metals within the bones revealed the story of a life spent journeying.
The woman came from the Mendips.
She journeyed to Cranborne Chase.
She returned to the Mendips with the brother and sister – but they were not her children.
She gave birth to her daughter on the Mendips.
Together they returned to Cranborne Chase, where they ended their lives together.

Fascinating? Thought provoking?
We think so!


Sightlines aims to put flesh on the bones of this story.

We seek to capture imaginations, investigate possibilities and find what is unalterably human about our relationship with landscape, history and our fundamental need to journey.

We aim to make the most of now to discover the secrets of then.


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